Public Notices

Public notice is notice to the public or persons affected by actions proposed or amended by the City Council. Public notices are published in the Ritzville Journal Newspaper.


All Government agencies or legislative bodies are required to make public notices in certain rule making proceedings. The purpose of issuing a public notice is to allow members of the public to make their opinion on proposals before making a bill to a rule. 





The City of Ritzville has published the following Notice of Petition and Application to provide the opportunity for comment on the described property. The comment period ends 28 calendar days from the date issued. During this period written comments may be submitted to the Clerk-Treasurer. The file may be examined between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday (except holidays) at Ritzville City Hall, 216 E. Main, Ritzville, Washington.


Applicant: Derek and Susan Schafer


Project Description: Annexation of 287 acres to the City of Ritzville. The property is proposed to be zoned General Commercial (C-2) in Lot 1 and  High-Density Residential (R-3) in Lot 2.


Petition Date: January 7, 2021


Legal Sufficiency Date: Letter of legal sufficiency request was submitted to the Adams County Assessor on January 7, 2021 to verify Derek and Susan Schafer own 100% of the property to be annexed.


Project Location: Parcel No. 1935230810001, Lot 1, Heinemann Short Plat #2 and Parcel No. 1935230810002, Lot 2, Heinemann Short Plat #2.


Comprehensive Plan: Parties are requesting a comprehensive plan land use map amendment for Lot 1 as a General Commercial Zone (C-2) with approximately 84 acres and for Lot 2 as a High-Density Residential Zone (R-3) with approximately 203 acres.


Review Authority: Pursuant to the RMC 11.245.090, Type III, legislative review shall require a review and recommendation from the Planning Commission and a review including public hearing before the City Council.

Decision Making Authority:   Ritzville City Council


Written Comments: Agencies, tribes, and the public are encouraged to review and provide written comments on the proposal. All comments received within twenty-eight (28) calendar days of the date issued below will be considered prior to making a decision on this project. The decision on the petition will be made within 120 days of the date of petition.


Public Hearing: A hearing has been set before the City Council of the City of Ritzville at the Ritzville City Hall, 216 E Main Avenue, at their regular meeting which begins at 7:00pm on the 6th day of April. At that time any citizen may appear to give oral or written testimony with respect to the proposed annexation. 


Clerk-Treasurer Contact: For additional information, contact the Clerk-Treasurer, Julie Flyckt, at or (509) 659-1930.


If you are a City of Ritzville utility customer, we will not charge a late fee for past due utility bills or disconnect your service for non-payment until further notice.


The City continues to operate business via phone at 659-1930 and internet at Utility payments can be mailed, placed in the drive-up drop box located adjacent to City Hall or city staff can take your credit card payment over the phone. Public Works crews and Police Officers continue to provide services with no disruptions in service during this time. 



RITZVILLE, WA- Ritzville Mayor Gary Cook has declared a local emergency proclamation for the City of Ritzville, effective March 13, 2020. The emergency proclamation facilitates potential future assistance related to COVID-19 as well as access to regional and State resources. This declaration is a means to ensure all necessary resources will be available if needed.


The Adams County Health department has advised that in order to preserve public health and safety, City Hall will be closed to the public until further notice. The City will continue to operate business via phone. Utility payments can be mailed, placed in the drive up drop box located adjacent to City Hall or city staff can take your credit card payment over the phone. Public Works crews and Police Officers will continue to provide services with no disruptions in service during this time. 


Mayor Cook urges Ritzville residents to continue to support our local businesses. This support is critical to maintaining our local economy.

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