Public Notices

Public notice is notice to the public or persons affected by actions proposed or amended by the City Council. Public notices are published in the Ritzville Journal Newspaper.


All Government agencies or legislative bodies are required to make public notices in certain rule making proceedings. The purpose of issuing a public notice is to allow members of the public to make their opinion on proposals before making a bill to a rule. 




TO:      The Citizens of the City of Ritzville

 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT that the City Council of the City of Ritzville will be conducting a hearing for the City of Ritzville Final Budget and Fees for the Year 2022 on the 6th day of December, 2022 during their regular council meeting that begins at 7:00 pm.


Anyone may appear at the meeting and make written and/or oral comments or submit questions or suggestions to the members of the City Council for or against any part of said final budget. The council meetings are currently being held in person and remotely via conference call. To receive the call number visit or contact city hall.


A copy of said final budget is available on the website at and will be furnished to anyone who contacts city hall at 216 E Main Ave, 659-1930.

Advertisement for Bids

Official Newspaper


The City of Ritzville, WA is soliciting the interest of qualified newspapers to serve as the City’s official newspaper.

Bid Requirements:

  • Must meet minimum qualifications defined by RCW 65.16.020 and Ritzville City Code Chapter 1.116.

  • Must provide a statement of circulation for Zip Code 99169 to include circulation numbers and “general circulation”. General circulation is further defined as “showing how the newspaper is devoted to the interests of a particular class of persons and specializes on news and intelligence primarily of interest to that class, if, in addition to such special news, it also publishes news of a general character and of a general interest, and to some extent circulates among the general public”.

  • Must be able to provide one original Affidavit of publication for each legal publication submitted by the City, within 14 days after the publication.

  • Must provide confirmation of receipt of emails submitted for legal publications.

Contract Period:

All publication contracts shall be effective on the first day of January of the next following year and shall expire the last day of December of that respective year.

Submittal Requirements:

Include cost per column inch to publish and providing certified affidavit of publication. Submittal must also include a statement of qualifying circulation, and statement of intent to comply with other bid requirements stated above. Submit proposals by 5:00 p.m., December 15, 2022, to the Ritzville City Clerk’s Office, located at 216 E Main Ave, Ritzville, WA 99169, or email to The City reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive minor irregularities in the bidding process.