Public Notices

Public notice is notice to the public or persons affected by actions proposed or amended by the City Council. Public notices are published in the Ritzville Journal Newspaper.


All Government agencies or legislative bodies are required to make public notices in certain rule making proceedings. The purpose of issuing a public notice is to allow members of the public to make their opinion on proposals before making a bill to a rule. 





The City of Ritzville is seeking a qualified individual to provide Code Enforcement Officer services. The Officer shall be paid for his/her services in the sum of thirty dollars per hour, up to three hundred dollars per month, for each month during the term of the one-year contract.


The Officer shall devote his/her time and attention to the performance of duties as Code Enforcement Officer being responsible for observing code violations in the City and reporting them to City Hall. The Officer will follow up on permits, document nuisance properties, and shall communicate the city’s codes to the community and contact residents and/or contractors to inquire about projects they are undertaking.


An individual will be considered for selection based on review by a city selection committee and the following qualifications:

  1. Approach-Explain approach to addressing nuisance property issues and communicating those issues to City Hall and resident and/or contractors.

  2. Capability and Experience-Describe experience with code enforcement or enforcing rules and policies.

  3. Qualifications-Provide professional background and qualifications relevant to code enforcement.

  4. Schedule and Time Management-Include a schedule of availability that will fulfill the contract.


For more information download the contract at or contact the Clerk-Treasurer’s office in person at City Hall, 216 E Main Avenue, Ritzville, Washington 99169, or phone (509) 659-1930. Request for qualifications are due by the 12th of February.

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