Planning Historic Commission

The Historic Planning Commission consists of seven members appointed by the mayor from the residents of the City of Ritzville. The Historic Planning Commission is governed by Ritzville Municipal Code Chapters 1.44 Planning Commission and 1.46 Historic Preservation. 


Jeff Kissler, Vets on the Farm and

Retired United States Army

Dwight Olson, Contractor

Rick Sawyer, Realtor

Rick Koss, Owner Wheatland Waste

Bill Markum, Retired Railroad and 

Prior Council Member

John Rankin, Owner Flying Arts Ranch

Planning Historic Commission Meetings

Planning Historic Commission Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7pm, if there are items for the commission to review.


Pursuant to the Governor's COVID-19 Health Washington Plan-Phase 2, the city can hold in-person business meetings up to 25% capacity. Therefore, the Planning Historic Commission is holding their meetings via conference call, online and in-person. Due to the limited capacity of the city chambers, the public can attend the meeting over the phone or internet. Written comments  or request to provide in person public comment can also be submitted by 5pm to the Clerk-Treasurer at


The call and online information is provided below. Please note if you connect via the website link and call into the meeting, make sure the mic on your computer is muted, otherwise it will cause a screeching feedback sound. Please also mute your phone and computer so background noise does not interfere with the meeting.

Wednesday, April 14th Meeting


Join by phone

1-408-418-9388 United States Toll

Meeting Number: 182 022 0567

Password: 893 443 75


Join online during the meeting at:

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