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By Al Stover for the Ritzville Journal:

May 10, 2018

Julie Flyckt has spent her career working in a variety of industries and helping others, and now she has the opportunity to do the same for her hometown. 

Flyckt was recently appointed as the new Clerk-Treasurer for the City of Ritzville. 

She said her transition to her new role has gone well so far as she is helping the City move forward with different projects, as well as preparing Ritzville’s year end financial report.


Flyckt was born and raised in Ritzville and currently lives in the city with her husband, Adams County Prosecutor Randy Flyckt, who has been her biggest supporter. 

Julie Flyckt.jpg

The couple are involved in different organizations, one being the Ritzville Classic Car Club. Her parents also still reside in Ritzville. 

After she graduated from Ritzville High School, Flyckt attended the University of Idaho where she acquired a degree in communications with a focus on public relations, which she said has helped her throughout her career. 

Flyckt’s post-college career began with a public relations firm in Spokane where she had the opportunity to work with various nonprofit organizations. She worked for Eastern Washington University’s (EWU)’s Idaho Child Welfare Research and Training Center where her responsibilities included recruiting foster families for orphaned children in Idaho. She was also the Chief Strategy Officer for Girl Scouts of America. Flyckt’s duties included working with personnel and groups, scheduling events, and developing goals and strategies. 

During her time with Girl Scouts, she helped implement the organization’s Customer Engagement Initiative, which helped increase membership. One aspect of working for the City of Ritzville Flyckt has enjoyed so far is the chance to continue in high-level administration work. 

Flyckt described herself as a process-oriented person and a planner, and she loves the various components in administration work, such as working with policies and personnel. “It’s like a puzzle I’m trying to solve,” Flyckt added. 

Prior to working for the City, Flyckt was the Business Development and Marketing Coordinator for the Adams County Development Council (ACDC). During her time with ACDC, Flyckt helped build stronger processes for the organization. She also worked with a board of directors consisting of 17 members, from different backgrounds. This experience helped prepare her in working with the Ritzville City Council. She said her work with ACDC also helped her collaborate with the City and local organizations and understand some of the challenges they face. 


She has also helped develop different local projects, such as the City’s Branding, the Ritzville Area’s Chamber of Commerce’s upcoming Spring Fest event and the wayfinding master plan, which the Council recently approved. She has also worked with local entities through the Ritzville Partnership Group. Flyckt said she has noticed a high level of energy and enthusiasm from organizations since she began working alongside them. 

As for her goals as Clerk-Treasurer, Flyckt wants to finish the City’s year end financial report and to better understand the City’s finances and budget process, which will help prepare her for next year’s budgeting cycle. She also wants to continue working with the City Council and learn which developments and projects they would like to see in the future. Flyckt also wants to learn the City’s different processes and how she and the office staff can strengthen them to better serve the community. 

She also wants to continue building relationships she has established with local businesses and organizations and help them with projects.

(used with permission from the Ritzville Journal)

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