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Water Distribution Improvements Project-Water Shut Offs

Construction crews have begun work on the city's water distribution improvements project. During the next couple of months, you may experience periodic water service shutoffs while crews make critical improvements and much needed upgrades to the water system.

  • Your water service will be turned back on as soon as possible, however it’s possible that some shutoffs may last from 2-10 hours.

  • You will be notified before your water is shutoff and we will do our best to provide an approximate time it will be off.

  • The city currently has water valves that will turn water off to a very large area in different sections of the city. Unfortunately, until they turn off that valve, the crew may not know which households will be impacted in that entire area.

  • If you see a crew working in your area, this will also be an indication your water may be turned off. 

  • Water shut offs will start 7:30am and last until 5:00pm. The shut offs may be from 2hrs and up to 10hrs and the shut off will occur during the day.


  • The city's contractor POW and/or the City Public Works crew will notify households and business affected by any water shut off and the city will post the information on Facebook AND here.

  • Due to the nature of the work, the shut off notification will be provided in a very short timeframe, usually the day before it will occur. Thank you in advance for your patience.


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